Virtual Event Platforms

What is virtual event?

Virtual events, in their simplest definition, are events held online. Virtual events are events that are completely hosted and run online with the potential for attendees to view or participate from anywhere in the world there are four types of virtual events: virtual conferences, webinars, internal hybrid events, and external hybrid events.Virtual events not only help planners expand their audience and promote inclusivity, but they can be an effective way to increase revenue and track key data about your audience.

What Is a Virtual Event Platform?

A virtual event platform is a tool that helps your digital event take place It’s a way to bring that live event feel into the digital world through the use of smart technology with audio, visual, and interactive elements. Virtual events are a fantastic way to bring together attendees and speakers from locations across the country or globe. Virtual events are held entirely online, without the need for a venue and offer great freedom and flexibility for your event.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to run a high-profile conference or something to host your all-staff meeting. We have a customized solution for all your requirements, either you can opt for existing virtual and hybrid platform or else you can go for customized solution, drop us email to

Virtual Event Platform

Our bespoke features of virtual event platform allow you to interact with your audience any time during the event. We provide customized landing page for your event. You can send emails to your attendee just like a QR code in live environment to login the virtual event environment. Attendee can check speakers profile, connect them for live chat, product videos can be demonstrated, we provide integration with your existing webinar or zoom integration with our platform.

Virtual Meetings enables delegates to communicate from anywhere in the globe. Our virtual meeting platforms provide freedom of communication to delegates at their own suitable timing, they can present demonstrations, product video from the comfort of their home or any suitable place. Whether it is E-meet of Project Managers, Revenue Generation Team, Corporate Meet, Healthcare Professional Meet, Business Meet , Employee Meet or Shareholder Meet everything can be done seamlessly on our virtual meeting platform. Suppose you have a award winning product which has international market as well.

Key features of our virtual event platform

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Your online event lives within the platform you choose, so finding the right one can help you throw a truly impressive meeting, conference, or get-together for your guests. Consider what your needs are, think about your budget, and decide which features matter most to you. You can use the power of virtual environment wherein we can setup exclusive Product Webpage with your desirable theme and enables you to grab the attention of your global audience through our HD Streaming Solution backed by 24/7 support.