Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking solutions enhance the design and management of your computer networks so you and your teams can enjoy easier and safer access to data and collaborate more productively than ever before. Our team of professionals can design, install, and deploy new network setups, as well as modify and upgrade existing networks. Our strategic partnerships with software and hardware manufacturers allow us to provide a comprehensive and thorough solution to fit any size company.

Wired and Wireless Networking

Yash infosystems has a long-standing history of providing innovative fiber optics and ASIC/ASSP solutions for wired infrastructure and networking. We have a wired and wireless solutions which address a wide spectrum of applications including broadband internet access, data center and enterprise networking, network switch and router, and fiber optic telecommunications such as optical access, metro networking and long-haul data communications.

Today’s enterprise network is the nerve center of business. Like any utility, it is expected to be up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Data systems are becoming more secure and centralized, IT/OT networks are converging, and the need for greater mobility—inside and outside the office—is increasing. Whether the average user knows it or not, these trends have a tremendous impact on the network’s reliability.

If your expectations for enterprise network is higher, as both employees and customers engage with your business in new ways. To keep up with demand, your network infrastructure has to be up to the task. That’s where Yash infosystems networking solutions can help your network do more and do it better.

The enterprise network is one of several levers driving long-term business success. The best-built networks are those that most effectively serve the core needs of the organization: business continuity, data security, physical safety and the universal connectivity that fuels the future.

Data Center Networking

A data center network is a complex arrangement of network devices such as routers, switches, interfaces, etc., that inter-connects the various computing and storage units in a data center’s resource pool to ensure a high-level of performance. Increasing speed and latency requirements are redefining network architectures within the enterprise data center.

Networking within an enterprise data center connects servers to other servers as well as users. Users can be customers or employees, depending on what they are accessing. Connections are made through switches, routers, and various types of cables. In modern data centers, virtualization plays a large role in operating and managing the data center network.

In data center networking architecture, there are three fundamental components that form the core of a data center network — network, server and storage infrastructure. It is essential that these components fit and work together in order to deliver faster and reliable data center networking services.

Campus WiFi

WiFi enabled campuses are becoming common place which allows students and teachers to access a wealth of information over the Internet.  Technology and secure mobility need to be a major priority for all colleges and universities. It’s more than just a nice to have it’s an investment that will help your campus to optimize your learning and organizational initiatives while creating the best possible environment for your students and staff.

Your network doesn’t stop at the front door. Connect your smart buildings into a smart campus, with ubiquitous wired and wireless connectivity and the infrastructure needed to support the multiplicity of devices and sensors.

Delivering Wireless Campus Networks for colleges and universities requires in-depth knowledge of complex WiFi Planning, Design and Wireless Site Survey processes – many of which are totally unique to Campus WiFi networking in University and College environments. A detailed Specification of Requirements document, competent Planning and Design and Site Survey for campus WiFi networks are all vital for success.

Wireless Hotspot Solution

Yash infosystems offer wireless hotspot solution for indoor and outdoor applications at

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels and Hostels
  • Gym and Colleges
  • Schools and training centers
  • Airports and stations

We offer wireless hotspot solutions feature multiple dual-band radios with 3×3 MIMO, Simple Roaming & 6 integrated antennas to deliver extended coverage & improved connectivity to over 100 clients per AP. Wireless hotspot solutions made for multimedia streaming applications & heavy-traffic SMB venues with 802.11ac-based hardware & a 720MHz CPU, delivering up to 1.75Gbps of aggregate throughput.

Yash infosystems in-house tech support team is ready to help you by live chat, e-mail & phone with anything from customized network design, setup & maintenance. These days all venues are offering free WiFi service. WiFi operators and venues are struggling to recover the cost of installing and operating their WiFi setup. Yash infosystems offers full range of features for monetizing existing WiFi infrastructure through advertisement, targeted promotions, Social media marketing, surveys and email/sms campaigns.

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