Data Center Networking

What is Data Center Networking?

Data center networking is the integration of a constellation of networking resources — switching, routing, load balancing, analytics, etc. — to facilitate the storage and processing of applications and data or we can say as it is a complex arrangement of network devices such as routers, switches, interfaces, etc., that inter-connects the various computing and storage units in a data center’s resource pool to ensure a high-level of performance. Increasing speed and latency requirements are redefining network architectures within the enterprise data center.

Why Data Center Networking?

The most advanced data center networking platforms connect and protect everything in an organization’s environment, adjusting dynamically to the evolving needs of users and applications. They deliver critical services for apps and data, including automation, consistent operations, and granular security via micro-segmentation.

Networking within an enterprise data center connects servers to other servers as well as users. Users can be customers or employees, depending on what they are accessing. Connections are made through switches, routers, and various types of cables. In modern data centers, virtualization plays a large role in operating and managing the data center network.

In data center networking architecture, there are three fundamental components that form the core of a data center network — network, server and storage infrastructure. It is essential that these components fit and work together in order to deliver faster and reliable data center networking services.

Data Center Network Management

With the increased network usage and migration of businesses towards datacenter services presents a unique challenge where it is important to deploy a data center network manager. Data center network infrastructure management with Yash infosystem’s team allows you to manage, upgrade and monitor your data center networking platform for optimal service delivery with complete visibility into data center networking configuration and individual data center networking components and dependencies. In a data center network real time availability, bandwidth and network configuration need to be monitored regularly.

Data center networking

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Yash infosystem’s data center networking solutions help monitor organization’s data center networks for performance, health and availability. Our data center networking solutions also help visualize data center networks in various graphical formats for effective management.