Boardroom Setup Services

Boardroom Setup Services

No matter what size business you’re in, from a startup with a team of five to a mid-sized business with hundreds of employees, the conference room is a key place where decisions get made.

The best conference rooms are set up to facilitate smooth interactions between the people within it. Everything in a well-designed conference room should be intuitive to use, and yes, we’re talking about the technology and equipment in there as well.

The modern boardroom & conference room design features high-resolution displays of upto 4K for improved image clarity resulting in crisper more engaging presentations. This means that communicating finer details like intricate graphs, detailed spreadsheets and high-definition photographs etc., is simpler than ever before. These displays can also be touch sensitive, which allows information to be annotated to convey ideas in a more dynamic and precise way

Whether it’s your first time setting up a new room or perhaps you’re just looking to upgrade an existing space, Yash Infosystems helps the client to achieve the boardroom setup as per the requirement.

Audio/video equipments for Boardroom setup

To get the most out of your collaborative efforts and maximize your efficiency, there are a few key pieces of conference room audio visual equipment for the success of meetings.


This is the “visual” part of conference room audio visual, and it is one of your main collaboration tools. The display enables you to see colleagues in other locations, view presentations, and screen share from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Microphones and Speakers

Microphones and speakers are an important addition to conference room audio visual. These can be either in-ceiling, on-table, or a sound bar mounted below the display.


If your room is staged for video calls it will need to be equipped with a camera. Depending on your huddle room furniture configuration, you might consider a camera with a 180 degree viewing angle, like Panacast.

Control panel

Finding an easy-to-use, well thought-out control panel is important to your success, as the control panel acts as your control center for the whole conference room audio visual system. The user interface on the control panel is critical. It should be easy for employees to get in the conference room and connect to video calls or launch presentations.


You have three choices when it comes to connectivity: (1) wired, (2) wireless, or (3) a combination of wired and wireless. Both wired and wireless connectivity have their pros and cons, and ultimately it will come down to a matter of personal preference.

Interactive whiteboard

If you host brainstorming sessions in your office or work with people that are visual learners (around 65% of people) interactive whiteboard can be a valuable tool to add to your system of conference room equipment.

Audio/video conferencing

The next choice in conference room technology is whether you need audio conferencing, video conferencing, or both. As video calls become more mainstream, organizations are on calls with clients, partners, and off-site employees. These external participants may be calling in from a different video conferencing platform. A company working with Zoom may need to invite a partner that uses Polycom. Audio is the second piece of the meeting room communication. While some companies are comfortable going all-in with video calls, others still want the option for audio conferencing. It’s common for companies to have both audio and video conferencing technology in a single room, just call Yash Infosystems the best AV partner.

Some more AV Solutions


Auditoriums are largest event spaces that is useful for large audiences. The objective of the technology in an auditorium space is to assure that the presentation goes smoothly and easily. Filling a large space with sound is challenging and requires an experienced team for the set-up, whether it is for a high school musical, orchestra or live music venue. The auditorium sound system can be integrated with high-performance professional audio, multi-channel audio mixer, digital stage box and rope microphones on stage. Yash Infosystems team assist you in creating impactful settings for presenting information, supporting your events, Audio Visual Setup for large audiences in auditoriums, providing your company a technological edge.


With the progress in education, the blackboard is no longer the only source for output. Smart Classroom technology setup can include full installed classroom with projectors, Smartboards, video conferencing systems, and installed mics and speakers, or as simple as a portable sound system or digital camera.

Yash Infosystems designs and installs video and audio systems tailored to the unique requirements of any educational facility. We can help you with set up your multimedia systems for  individual, as well as build, or upgrade a campus or multi-campus audio visual network.

From a single classroom projector to complete a/v systems installation for your entire campus, our experienced consultants will work with you to design a system to help meet your budget and end goals.

Conference Rooms

If you are organizing large scale conferences, you know exactly that the heart of a successful meeting will be an outstanding AV solution. There is perhaps no room more diverse and pivotal to a business’ immediate and long-term success and function than conference rooms. From meeting with stakeholders and high-dollar clients to creative brainstorming sessions, a conference room must be equally equipped to suit both formal and creative pursuits. Yash Infosystems has the good experience in handling the conference room setup in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad , Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities in India.

Meeting Rooms

Modernize your meeting spaces and set the foundation for optimum teamwork, communication and productivity with our range of audio visual solutions for meeting rooms. How extensive your meeting room setup needs to be, mainly depends on the size and type of the room. The bigger the space, the more powerful your system needs to be.

Small spaces or huddle rooms are ideal for teamwork and informal meetings with colleagues. In medium to large meeting rooms, more structured meetings take place, with both internal and external attendees. Large meeting rooms or boardrooms for 8 persons and up are ideal for decision-making or larger team meetings. Flexible spaces are often located in open plan areas, like reception spaces, cafeterias, or dedicated huddle spaces. They are used for internal, ad-hoc and spontaneous get-togethers, especially between colleagues and team members. To discuss our AV meeting room solutions further, please contact our technical experts at or call us at +91 9444 990 523 in all over India.


Audio visual is in high demand and a pivot element for the Digital Communication in hospitals which is the need of the hour. Yash Infosystems can offer turnkey Audio Visual Solution for Hospital lobbies, auditoriums, training , conference rooms, boardrooms, Emergency Rooms, OTs for Live Surgery Broadcasting, Telemedicine Rooms and Medical Simulation Laboratories.

We provide Audio Video support, Staging , Podium and other furniture on hire for medical events in India. Yash infosystems has wide experienced in HD Live Surgery broadcasting and providing webinars solutions for healthcare professionals around the world to deliver lectures in a cost efficient manner. Solution we offer for Hospitals are :

  • Video Walls, Digital Signage : Information are displayed in Hospitals for better communication and understanding between patients and other hospital staffs. Information whether related to Covid , Omnicron or any other virus is being shared through video walls and digital signage in hospitals. Yash Infosystems can design and install the Video and Centralized control digital signage for Hospital.
  • Audio Setup : Due to pandemic Doctors are not willing to organize their event outside of the hospital environment and looking for fully equipped audio setup with good mikes , Audio Conferencing Tools and speakers for their Meeting and Conference rooms. We at Yash Infosystems offers the complete audio solution for meeting and conference room in Pan India.
  • Video Setup : With the help of video conferencing patients from remote locations , Staffs from different branches can connect to particular doctor in Hospital face to face. Medical Trainings are also performed through HD Video Conferencing. For the HD and good quality video we need 4K resolution cameras in meeting and conferencing room and Yash Infosystems provides the best in class video setup.


Adopting cutting-edge audio visual technology solutions can help hotels engage customers, save time and money, and create an enticing experience that will consistently bring guests back. From custom hotel lobby signage to immersive Bose audio, we have the tools, team, and technical expertise to deliver best-in-class AV systems that guests will love.

AV technology can help you create the hotel customer experience you need for continued success. Yash Infosystems design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need. Each AV project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering. It’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV technology and best practices for hotel installation. We research and push for ongoing improvements. Here are the below Audio-Visual system for Hotels :

  • Conferencing equipment
  • Video Conferencing equipment
  • Podium and Mic
  • Speaker Phone
  • Wireless handheld microphone and lavalier microphone

Connect Yash Infosystems

Do you feel like it’s still difficult to navigate your way through the wide range of products? There is a way out. If you want to find a solution for your boardroom setup then connect with Yash infosystem, we will do all the setup and installation that perfectly fits your conference room and we also offer the AV equipment on rental basis.