Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. Basically Yash infosystems offer Audio/Visual and IT enterprise solution.

Audio/Visual Enterprise Solution

Today, you need rapid and effective communication to stay ahead of your competition. This is because better communication leads to better decisions and better end results. And an important tool for communication is your audiovisual (AV) solution.

Audio visual communication technologies includes sound, video, lighting, display, and projection systems. AV solutions are found in collaborative conferencing, which includes video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing, and data conferencing. AV solutions also used in boardroom setup, presentation rooms, auditorium hall, lecture halls, command and control centres, digital signage, and more!

Audio visual equipment’s and setup are widely used in business, education, government, the military, healthcare, retail environments, houses of worship, sports and entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, and museums. In fact, today, it would be difficult to find a space where AV solutions are not present.

With the help and integration of audiovisual solutions, local and remote team members can meet with ease via video and audio conferencing, while simultaneously using collaboration tools to share ideas and content. Audiovisual systems can also incorporate digital content to relay expressive messages and marketing to your clients in an easily configured and changeable format. Video walls can create a focal point in nearly any environment displaying beautiful and customized images for all to see.

Yash infosystems is one of the few companies with the knowledge, skills and have the expert team to design and develop fully integrated enterprise audio-visual solutions. We help you design an AV solution that suits your requirements and budget, whether it is to simply mount a flat-screen display to the wall, install an audio-visual system or to project manage a comprehensive integrated system into a new build or an already existing facility. With our Enterprise Solutions, you can turn your ordinary boardroom and meeting rooms into an interactive and collaborative experience. Our innovative technologies enable faster, more efficient and effective relay of communication.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems

Enjoy and foster higher productivity as your team makes full use of our tools to work together and complete projects faster through real-time handling of documents and content from anywhere, anytime.

Video-Conferencing Solutions

It helps to integrate video and voice to bridge the gap between in-person and remote meetings taking the advantage of high quality video resolution and audio quality, as well as a steady and efficient connection.

Digital Signage

Bright and beautiful signs that help your business stand out on a busy street or in a shopping mall through the display of custom messages in any audiovisual format you wish, integrating with third-party services.

Video Wall Services

Video walls services allow you to display visually stunning art and photographs or rotating product and promotional materials.

Control rooms and Boardroom Setup

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms help you empower to make a great impression, it instantly conveys to clients, visitors, your organization’s personality, level of success, attention to detail. A well-designed conference room with state-of-the-art equipment and nice furnishings creates an atmosphere of welcome for guests and allows them to relax and place their confidence in you.

Security and Surveillance Setup

Our Security and Surveillance systems protect your business and your employees from internal and external threats. We partner with the world’s leading suppliers of video surveillance systems, including Hikvision and Axis, to guarantee total peace of mind for businesses of any size.

IT Enterprise Solution

A company’s success depends largely on its ability to keep its IT systems up and running at all times. But hiring a qualified IT specialist to work for your company and your team can be a great idea if you need to keep your enterprise running smoothly. You should always be looking for ways to improve your company’s full business processes and make them more efficient.

IT services and systems can be used to solve problems in your organization in a wide variety of ways. An organization that makes use of the latest technology will find that it has several benefits on the way they do business.

Enterprise solutions, also known as an information technology system, is a set of software tools that are used by an organization to assist them in running their businesses. It can assist you in keeping track of everything that’s going on with your company, from your sales capabilities, down to the security of your clients’ information.

Yash infosystems is a reputed company that answers today’s issues, anticipates tomorrow’s needs and builds next-generation solutions. Our professionals operate at the intersection of technology, strategy, implementation and enterprise capabilities to create or re-engineer the best-suited enterprise solutions.

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