Last mile Setup Commissioning

What is Last mile?

The last mile connectivity is defined as the connectivity between the main backbone i.e between network and the users’. The term “last mile” is used in the transportation industry to describe the last leg of a route whereas in telecommunications sector it refers to the connection of network to end user. for accelerating the digital transformation it requires connecting the unconnected lines to the broadband  and core networks. It is an important area of the Internet as it is where content providers have the least control. It falls prey to artificial congestion, net neutrality infringement, poor infrastructure, and censorship.

Last mile problems

Last mile connectivity is one of the biggest costs many businesses and home owners face when trying to access broadband services outside urban areas.The last mile problem is often considered the most important part of customer experience management (CEX) because it directly involves the end-user.In rural areas, it’s been a challenge for telecommunication service providers to offer high-speed bandwidth services to every single subscriber because of the high cost of laying and maintaining fiber optic cable. Increasingly, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is being rolled out as a cost-effective way for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide small businesses and homes in remote locations with last mile connectivity.

Solution for last mile connectivity issues

Last mile connectivity has become a much greater challenge as network speeds have improved. No one really noticed how much these connections impacted data transfer when the infrastructure couldn’t accommodate enough bandwidth to make latency an issue. Yash infosystems team uses the higher bandwidth connections make it possible to transfer more data than ever, however, latency has become one of the most critical aspects of network performance. By implementing strategies to overcome the last mile problem, we help our clients to improve their network speeds and keep up with customer demands.


Connect Yash Infosystems

We at Yash infosystems as a last mile service providers have designed the last mile in such a manner that the fibre is extended very near to the customer premises. This ensures that the last mile connectivity to the customer premises is only a few meters. We employ managed services, partnerships, and a range of packet prioritization technologies to positively impact network performance far beyond what can be achieved by solely focusing on the last mile.