Campus WiFi solution

Why campus required WiFi Solutions?

Wireless network technologies increasingly play an important role in extending the campus-wide wired data network by reducing the requirements of physical infrastructure, bringing important benefits in convenience, flexibility, and ubiquitous access.

WiFi enabled campuses are becoming common place which allows students and teachers to access a wealth of information over the Internet.  Technology and secure mobility need to be a major priority for all colleges and universities. It’s more than just a nice to have it’s an investment that will help your campus to optimize your learning and organizational initiatives while creating the best possible environment for your students and staff. Delivering Wireless Campus Networks for colleges and universities requires in-depth knowledge of complex WiFi Planning, Design and Wireless Site Survey processes – many of which are totally unique to Campus WiFi networking in University and College environments. A detailed Specification of Requirements document, competent Planning and Design and Site Survey for campus WiFi networks are all vital for success.

Campus WiFi Solution by Yash team

Yash infosystems will guide you and provide the secure and high bandwidth WiFi solution in your campus by covering all the important rooms such as Library, Auditorium hall, Classrooms etc.. Your network doesn’t stop at the front door. Connect your smart buildings into a smart campus, with ubiquitous wired and wireless connectivity and the infrastructure needed to support the multiplicity of devices and sensors.

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Classrooms and lecture halls today are typically the locations in a school or university with the highest density of Wi-Fi devices. In order to facilitate an effective e-learning experience. Powerful Wi-Fi access control is necessary for schools to protect critical network resources, have complete visibility over all users and devices, and quickly respond to any potential network issues.

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