Digital Signage and Kiosk

What is digital signage and kiosk?

A digital signage and kiosk is a freestanding unit that delivers digital content at eye level to attract passersby. While other digital displays consist of only the display, digital kiosks also include software, an integrated media player, and a secure pay function. Kiosks differ in size and capabilities, but most of them feature a touchscreen. Digital kiosks promise to simplify navigation, ordering, and information sharing in any facility, making them must-have tools for modern companies.

Benefits and features of Digital Kiosk

The more conversations you have, the more successful your business, event, or trade show will be. We know it can be a challenge to attract visitors in a sea full of noise and chaos. The key to starting a good conversation is to first get someone to stop. A well-designed touch table or interactive kiosk display can help tremendously with this goal.

  • Offer consistent branding across several digital signage locations or groupings
  • Reduce costs by streamlining the customer journey
  • Offer an interactive solution for customers not interested in engaging with a sales associate
  • Add value to the overall customer experience.

Commercial Display

Commercial Displays are designed for long hours of continuous usage in business and public environments. The commercial displays can be wall mounted or Floor standing types in landscape or portrait mode. Commercial Displays can be divided in two categories – Indoor and Outdoor. The Indoor Displays can have brightness upto 700 nits. And there are Outdoor Displays which are 2500 nits bright, with waterproof enclosures. The response to Digital Signage software is very fast, especially video downloads. These displays can work effectively even in portrait orientation as well, unlike consumer TV. After this pandemic digital Hand sanitizer is one of the most common used commercial displays.

Interactive Display

Interactive Display works on a glass surface placed over the LED screen. Widely used in Classrooms for teaching, in Conference rooms for presentations and Video meetings, in Training and promotional events, they normally come in sizes 55” upto 98”. Interactive Displays are fast replacing normal LED displays as they offer 2-way visual information and feedback mechanism. Today Smart classrooms have IFPD to teach students using Multimedia content and all the lectures can easily be recorded or shared over cloud.

IFPD are also being used to impart training in Skill centers, Institutes, Defence, Medical and other faculty. Video projectors are being replaced with IFPD as these panels are robust, easy to manage and service, and they come with a lot many features including built in camera for Video Conferencing.

Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch screen information kiosk that is basically an input device which is embedded in special rectangle box or frame. Alike mobile, this touch screen has CMS software that gives user’s real time help. Touch screen kiosk consist of Touch based LED displays and Computer enclosed in a Floor standing Metal enclosure. They are widely used in public spaces such as Retail, Office, Service centers and transit points, across the globe.

Modern information kiosks include Wi-Fi capabilities and 4G connectivity. They are also usually built with a protective toughened glass. Thanks to advances in technology, Touch Screen kiosks have revolutionized the way business works. They provide Self-service applications such as ticketing, Food ordering, Checkout, Boarding pass printing, Recharging phone, and many more. Businesses and governments can provide a free public service through the use of this technology. By using all-in-one integrated screens, you too can change the way you interact with the world through Internet browsers.

Digital Standee Display

Digital Standee is another name for Floor standing Digital Signage. The Digital Signage can be a wall mounted LED panel or Ceiling hung. But when the signage has to kept on a corridor or a floor, Digital standee is used. The most common use for Digital Signage is in Advertising.

Digital signage uses a centrally controlled content distribution platform that can be used to broadcast many different messages. These are also widely used in Reception lobbies at Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Auditoriums and Exhibitions for display of current information on any subject or event.

Yash infosystems Speciality in Digital signage and Kiosk

We have experience in providing design and fabrication of Digital Displays, Interactive Kiosk and customized solutions for various industries. We provide Digital Menu Boards, Video Walls, Interactive Kiosk, Touch Screen overlay which are highly useful in Airports, Retail Shops, Malls, Corporate offices, Hospitals or any place where communication is needed and all the content can be centrally managed through the signage software. We also offer customized Kiosk and Digital Signage for Healthcare, Corporate Offices, Banks and Financials, Education, Retail, Food and Hospitality.

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