Active and Passive Networks

Network Fundamentals

Today, in a digital era we can access many information from anywhere in the world thanks to the technology and networking which helps a lot to ease the business. There are many types of networks carrying many different types of information. However, all these individual networks can be placed in one of two categories: Passive or Active. A passive network does not use electrically powered equipment or components to get the signal from one place to another. An active network uses electrically powered equipment or components to route the signal from one place to another. According the transmission media used in the networks.

Networks are not one-size-fits-all. Businesses in different industries have different security, speed, and bandwidth needs. We at Yash infosystems has win the hearts of many client as a managed network services providers. We provide a range of solutions to fit different business sizes and requirements, along with the ability to tailor each offering to individual companies.

Network design refers to the planning of the implementations of a computer network infrastructures. Computers and information networks are critical to the success of both large and small scale businesses. They connect people, support applications, services and provide access to the resources that keeps the business running.

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From simple monitoring to co-management and laying out the complex network structure we can help you to design a strategy that gives high speed internet connectivity.

Yash infosystems provides both Active And Passive Networking Solutions  in PAN India. We provide complete design and implementation of the racks for your ease of use, daily maintenance, accessibility, ventilation equipment that generate heat labeling and documentation saves managers a lot of time to trouble shoot the problems of a cabling network.