Point to Point Internet Connection Services

Point to Point Connection

Point to pint connection is also called as point to point link, P2P, Private link or leased line. Point to point connections helps to securely connect two locations using a Layer 2 data connection, building a closed network. Data on these connections doesn’t travel on the public internet, where it could be vulnerable to hackers or cyberattacks. Point-to-point connections are extremely secure, so much so that only limited data encryption may be necessary when using them. However, if an extremely high degree of security is required, think government or finance, some carriers offer encryption with their point-to-point services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Point to Point to Internet Services

Point to Point Service Applications

The network path taken is always the same, and a direct network route, providing for very low latency and packet loss. This is ideal for applications where performance is imperative, and service is backed by network guarantees (SLA). For businesses looking for the security, reliability, and network performance, a point to point link is a good solution.


Why to choose Yash for P2P Internet Connectivity?

Yash infosystems provide the single mode and multi mode fiber optic installation, services and repair . We will Install your fiber optic cable under all Electrical Codes and Telecommunications TIA/EIA standards and regulations. Our certified technician teams will provide you with the best solutions for your network infrastructure needs. Securing your network connections with fiber optic cables will give you more bandwidth for your data traffic and more speed between all your network equipment.

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If you’re interested in point-to-point connectivity, we can take in your specs and provide quotations before that our team experts will discuss your requirements and space for internet connectivity