Choosing the best Wi-Fi provider for your event is crucial to ensure a seamless and reliable internet connection for attendees. As an event organizer you might be wondering how much internet will be required for upcoming event. Here’s an ultimate checklist to help you make an informed decision

Bandwidth and Speed

Calculate the required bandwidth based on the number of attendees and their expected online activities. Ensure the Wi-Fi provider can deliver high-speed internet suitable for your event’s needs.

Coverage Area

Confirm that the Wi-Fi provider can cover the entire event venue, including ball rooms and outdoor spaces. Inquire about any dead spots or areas with potential connectivity issues.


Ensure the Wi-FI provider can scale the network to accommodate a growing number of attendees if the event size increases unexpectedly.

Reliability and Redundancy

Inquire about the Wi-Fi provider’s backup systems and redundancy measures to ensure uninterrupted internet access in case of technical issues. Inquire about features for managing user access, such as bandwidth allocation and user authentication.

Technical Support

Check the availability and responsiveness of the Wi-Fi provider’s technical support during the event. Confirm the process for reporting and resolving connectivity issues.

Security Measures

Verify the security protocols in place to protect the network and attendees’ data. Ensure the event Wi-Fi provider offers options for secure, password-protected networks.

Customization Options

Check if the Wi-Fi provider allows customization of network names (SSID) and passwords for branding purposes. Inquire about any customizable login pages or captive portals.

Equipment Requirements

Check if the event Wi-Fi provider supplies the necessary networking equipment or if you need to provide your own (routers, access points, etc.).

Confirm compatibility with your existing event infrastructure.

Confirm the setup and installation process, including the timeline and any on-site support provided by the Wi-Fi provider.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you’ll be better equipped to choose a best Wi-Fi provider that aligns with your event’s specific requirements and ensures a positive experience for all attendees.


In conclusion, after careful consideration of the key factors essential for a seamless and reliable Wi-Fi solution for the events, it is evident that EWI stands out as the best Event Wi-Fi provider in PAN India. EWI not only meets but exceeds the requirements outlined in the ultimate checklist.

With a robust assessment of event needs, EWI offers scalable and high-speed bandwidth solutions, ensuring optimal coverage throughout the venue. Their commitment to reliability and redundancy, coupled with responsive technical support, guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection for attendees.

EWI’s emphasis on security measures, customization options, and compliance with regulations aligns with the highest standards in the industry. The transparent breakdown of costs, coupled with flexible contract terms, makes EWI a cost-effective and customer-friendly choice.

Moreover, references from satisfied clients attest to EWI’s track record of success in delivering top-notch Wi-Fi rental services for events. In summary, EWI emerges as the best choice as event Wi-Fi provider in PAN India, offering a comprehensive and reliable temporary internet solution that ensures a positive and seamless online experience for all event attendees.

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