Linkedin Hire Connect Event Hyderabad – Dedicated Bandwidth of 300mbps & Wi-Fi Setup – 20th February, 2024

Linkedin Hire Connect Event Hyderabad:

    • Corporate Events
    • Linkedin
    • February 20, 2024

Linkedin Hire Connect Event Hyderabad:

Medtronic is the world’s leading healthcare technology company with over 40 years in India. Medtronic has tirelessly supported customers and patients while fostering local partnerships and enhancing healthcare capabilities. Medtronic also offers customized curriculum and self-paced learning sessions for medical professionals to stay updated about advanced therapies.

Yash Infosystem Provided

Dedicated Bandwidth of 300mbps & Wi-Fi Setup:

The EWI team is delighted to offer internet services for Linkedin Hire connect event held on the 20th of February at Trident Hyderabad. Our services include a dedicated internet bandwidth of 300 Mbps, accommodating 250 users to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. We strategically deploy Wi-Fi networks in key areas, such as inside the ballroom, near the registration desk in the PFA, and close to the Evolution wall in the PFA. This ensures comprehensive coverage for seamless connectivity during the event and the user has no downtime experience.