EUPHORIA 2023, KTPO : Dedicated Internet Setup, Networking & HD Streaming Services

Dedicated Internet Setup, Networking & HD Streaming Services

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    • KTPO
    • April 08, 2023

EUPHORIA 2023, KTPO Launch

Euphoria April 2023 was organized at KTPO, Whitefield Bangalore.  The event conducted for the Annual day of SGGSC’S College by organizing the Societe Generale, Fun Fiesta,  Workshops, Food stalls, Dance and Music shows, Gaming shows and more. Building on their strength and celebrating their achievements by recognizing their accomplishment, together they experienced the joy of learning. Société Générale celebrated their Annual day by leaning on each other’s strengths, together they rejoiced over their success stories.

Yash Infosystem Provided

Dedicated Internet Setup, Networking & HD Streaming Services

Yash Infosystems provided 20mbps, 20 mbps and 30mbps dedicated internet leased line circuit maintenance of Dual ISP in New hall, Old hall & Registration area respectively in KTPO , Whitefield Bangalore. We also provided the Networking support through LAN, WAN Router, Switch & Access points by creating Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi zone. We have installed Fiber 6 cable of 3000 Meters including last mile and sub hubs development , necessary Cat6 cables were installed including Ethernet drops for HD Streaming . The event experienced seamless connectivity throughout the day and our client Distinct Communication (Event Organizer ) was happy with the Networking and IT support provided by our team.