Ather Community Day Event – Yash Provided Leased Line Connectivity of 500 mbps – 6th April, 2024

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    • March 15, 2024

Ather Community Day Event:

Ather Energy’s 2024 Community Day (ACD) event took place on April 6, 2024 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The event featured the unveiling of the Ather Rizta electric scooter, a smart helmet, and Atherstack 6. The Rizta is a family-focused e-scooter with a large seat and under-seat storage, and USB charging. Ather CEO Tarun Mehta promised a larger event than the previous year, with many reveals planned for the stage.

Yash Infosystem Provided

Leased Line Connectivity of 500 mbps:

Yashinfosystems facilitated Leased Line connectivity for the Ather Community Day event hosted at KTPO, Bangalore. A bandwidth of 500 Mbps was allocated across distinct areas including the console area, media zone, exhibit zone, Ather employee zones, and the registration area.