UST Global event D3 2022- Wi-Fi Setup, LAN Connectivity & HD Live streaming Services

UST Global event D3

D3 is UST’s technology conference, where the brightest minds in UST can meet, learn and develop their programming and engineering skills.D3 is a week-long program open to USsociates worldwide, showcasing technology exposition and masterclasses culminating with a hackathon and the full-day technology conference on 15th December 2022. Attendees met with technology leaders to learn about opportunities in the Metaverse and their value in business.

Yash Infosystem Provided

Wi-Fi Setup, LAN Connectivity & HD Live Streaming Services

We have provided Network setup using LAN Connectivity and HD Live streaming services for the event. Our team has setup, installed and configured all the Networking components such as Mikrotek routers, Cisco switches & Enterprise wireless access points and provided the support and maintenance throughout the event. Network cabling was laid using Fibre 6F cable, CAT 6 cable and Power distribution through spike buster. All the setup has been completed with the help of our Level 3 network engineer.

Live streaming setup was provided for long 8 hours with a secured white labelled platform for 5000 viewers. Live webcasting done through the client’s web page along with the authentication and secure login page to watch the event Live for UST employees. For streaming purpose our team has setup the dedicated internet connection and high resolution camera with professional audio, video mixer for HD video result at the venue of UST global.