Master Card payment Summit 2022 event –  Internet Leased Line & Network setup

Master Card Summit

Ari Sarker, President, Asia Pacific, Master card joined the Master card Payments Summit virtually to welcome the audience and kick started the event by speaking about how block chain, AI, 5G, the meta verse and other emerging technologies will converge in powerful ways that will redefine commerce.

Yash Infosystem Provided

Dedicated Internet Leased Line :

Dual 700 mbps of symmetric internet leased line circuit on OFC last mile setup has provided for the Master card summit event held at ITC Grand chola, Chennai. Our team is responsible for all IT setup and maintenance. We provided network configuration using dual Mikrotek enterprise 3 Giga byte routers, Cisco layer 3 network switches & Netgear layer 2 POE switches.

Throughout the event we have provided Wi-Fi for Outdoor and Indoor location by using enterprise wireless access point & enterprise license cloud controller. Our level 3 network engineer has done all the setup, installation and maintenance by using the network equipment’s such  Fiber 6F cable and Cat 6 Cable with laying WAN, UPS & Media convertor. Our client was impressed with our team’s professionalism and support provided throughout the event.