UST Global


D3 is UST’s DevCon where the brightest minds in UST Global can meet, learn and develop their programming and engineering skills. Developers and technologists are our most prized assets. D3 has been designed for our developers, designers and builders.

This was the fourth DevCon held in Trivandrum, India, for 5th and 6th December, 2019.Like all years, D3 attracted close to 1500+ developers, who gathered in Trivandrum for a spectacular technology experience curated around the theme of Speed.

Event WiFi Internet Services

Dual 500Mbps bandwidth circuits, distributed over WiFi networks. EWI served VIPs attendee by distributing 500mbps of dedicated bandwidth and WiFi for 300 Users. We provided High-density WiFi for 1500+ attendees in the Travancore Internation Convention Center which is 5Lakh sqft carpet area. On-site network installation and IT support throughout the event.

EWI also provided HD Live Streaming for D3 Conference of UST Global for two days with dedicated bandwidth segregration for streaming purpose. The Streaming has been performed on a customized webpage with licensed Streaming Software and Video Capture Card. We also provided backup encoder device for HD Live Streaming with P2P feature so that Live Video Camera and Presentation both can be streamed live in UST Global Event.