ICLAM 2019

About ICLAM 2019


The ICLAM (International Committee for Insurance Medicine) Congresses have become since 1935 the international benchmark for congress aimed at scientific training, interactive discussion and networking on topics related to risk underwriting – and more recently in claims assessment. It has a proud tradition and is well respected for the high quality of its faculty and presentations.

ICLAM was last held in Asia in Tokyo in 1986. After a long gap of 32 years, ICLAM Congress 2019 will return to Asia, held in Mumbai, India under the auspices of “Association of International Committee for Insurance Medicine”, referred to below as “ICLAM Mumbai 2019”. From November 10 to 13, 2019 ICLAM will organize the next ICLAM Conference, 120 years after the first world conference.

Events Wifi Internet Services


EWI provided 250mbps of dedicated Internet Connectivity for all the delegates in the Rennaisance Hotel Mumbai. High-density Wi-Fi for 500+ delegates connected through the EWI Internet and Wifi Service for live polling and interaction application.

EWI had covered entire area of Venue with robust WiFi and connectivity. Events Wifi Internet’s network enabled delegates to download Mobile App, QR code scanning and live interation. ” Thank you for your good work ” : this is what our client says about our events services.