IOT India Congress 2019 , Banglore

With the latest edition, IoT India Congress became the first platform to discuss the integration of IoT in the defence sector with panellists from the Indian army, DRDO, Indian Air Force and BEL.” – Business Standard.

EWI is proud to be a reliable Service Provider for IOT India Congress in Lalit Ashok for two days event. We provided dedicated 1:1 150mbps Internet Bandwidth, Dedicated Lan Connections and Wi-Fi for exhibitors like Unlimit, Airtel, Tata Communications, Siemens, IET, SenRa etc. EWI also provided Wi-Fi Services for delegates and speakers from renowned companies and universities both international and national, like DRDO, ARM Holdings plc, Quadrant AI, University of Oxford, Samsung R&D Institute India, Tohoku University Hospitals, Unlimit, Aeris Communications, Manipal Hospital, Wells Fargo, Bata India Ltd, MG Motor, Cognizant and Nissan among others who took part in the conference.